What keeps you going?

| governments don't have any effect anymore, corporations control the world and we stand by as they rise. No amount of rioting will fix anythin, violent or otherwise. I doubt free will was ever a thing but now it's clearer than ever that there is no such thing. Those of us with enough money can entertain themselves for a couple of years before they are bored enough to kill themselves (like my aunt). And those of us with nothing see no reason to change.

| What does one do in such a world? How can I survive?

| The people keep me going.
Getting to meet new faces, talk with them, see the reflection in their eyes.

Might be a bit simple, but its the truth


| Not sure if roleplay, or serious...

Probabky serious. Moving to /lain/.

| I just like people. I love people actually. I don't care too much for internet personalities these days, not that I really liked the ones before them much either. I can't get enough of people, though. Something about them. It's a bit obsessive actually. I'm actually a bit sad that I can't talk to people in person more, especially nowadays. Anyways, just find some type of external goal. Something to occupy you. It's better than helplessness, even if wilderness is preferable.

| I think i have plenty of stuff that keeps me going like making and consuming art, having good friends, romantic relationships but mainly i am just not mega bothered by the fact that the world is going to shit in terms of personal motivation since i can just make sure to change my own life in a way that avoids those new changes

| Watch porn

| People, the world was always shitty. But other people made it bearable

| Read the Biboran

| You don't need to riot to bring about change. Make some effort to change your community for the better and invest in some relationships(not necessarily romantic or sexual though), and you'll find that people are a good reason to stay alive. Also after a while, instead of asking why should I stay alive, ask why should I kill myself? Changing your mindset or perspective can help a lot to make you feel better when you're in a depressive episode. I believe in you.

| The world sucks man. That's reality, but you have power. You have power to manipulate the reality that is around you. Think about it, you can destroy a tomato by using your hands. Now, before, that tomato was intact, but now, it's a pile of red juice, red skin, and seeds. Think about that power. That power that you can use. You can use that power to do things that you want to do, like, if you want to commit to something, you can. 1/2

| Ah, but then, there's those pesky bastards called challenges. They've also got other names, like problems, troubles, and difficulties. They suck. The world sucks, but you can change that. By pushing past those problems, you can do it. By overcoming those difficulties, you can make things haplen. By beating those challenges, you can change reality. You can change what the world is going to be like. You can do it. 2/2

| >>717460 Corporations are at least somewhat interested in making their consumers fed, content and interested in the next product. Because competition. But overall - I don't give a crap. I have a dream that one day humanity will colonize the stars and create a plethora of unique societies. Species, even. And I intend on doing my part in getting closer to that future. What does one do in such a world you ask? Harness it's potential and achieve your dreams, dammit. Apathy is death.

| >>718022 Idealistic as all hell, but I see no reason to dwell on the downsides of current situation whatever your goals are. You pick a target, evaluate your options and do your best to have a good time achieving something.

| sometimes you have to romanticize your own life a little bit. living under corporate greed cyberpunk dystopia is hell sometimes, but then I see the rain and the city lights and I remember I have my own reasons to keep going

| >718136

Does your name starts with H?

| I love sex.

| >governments don't have any effect anymore, corporations control the world and we stand by as they rise.
You know.. governments are just a type of corporation. When you say governments have to effect, but then say corporations control (I assume you mean coercively---if everyone's consenting, what's the problem?) the world.. making them just another government. Wasn't it Rene Descartes who said that ``a government by any other name, would be just as evil?''

| The problem is that not everyone is consenting, but when you try to express your values and ideals you only get violence and oppression. That's shitty

| I have music/video games/and those i hold dear.

It aint much but music feeds my soul (as cliché as that is) and video games help me escape from the hellhole we all live in and my friends help with/indulge in those things but id be lying if i said the hopelessness aint present

| PUSSY & milkshakes whenever i kan find sum

| I'm married to the Lord. All of this is just an exercise in perspective. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, even when there is no absence.

| First and foremost my best friend. After him, my sister. Then there's also the fact that I want to find a job where I can help people who struggle, because I wish someone would have done that for me. Maybe I can give some people hope. Make them want to keep going and maybe eventually help others as well.

I also don't see any point in being dead, as it's just, nothing. But I would have been dead if it wasn't for my best friend though, so I do understand why some people turn to it.

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