Quantative easing for the masses

| It seems there is a security fail (another) on ATM machines, for what I understood is some bug on card and os communication (maybe the driver). Are you Cyberpunks aware of this or this is just anime cyberpunk group ?

| You'll have to be more specific. What brand of atm machine, which OS, which jurisdiction, what chip type?

The details matter on things like this. There isn't a one size fits all exploit, if that's what you're asking.

| Tbh I come here for philosophy stuff, but people rarely talk about that.

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Then do you really come here for philosophy stuff if there are no philosophy stuff?

*ponders philosophically*

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They come because they expect philosophical stuff, they seek it, lack it, hope for it. If there is little to no philosophical stuff, that does not change the goal of coming. The goal is determined before the action.

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Way to ruin my Koan with your relentless acumen. Now none of us will ever reach Zen!

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