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Really wish I was in a cyberpunk timeline

| something about neon signs and skyscrapers in an extremely modernized society just makes me wish i was in a place like that. even though whatever government i would be under is extremely oppressive. maybe its because i love lain so much

| Wrong board?

| You're in one, lol. Careful what you wish for.

| grass is always greener, OP

| Someone already asked the monkey paw for that. We're in a cyberpunk world, but without the cool aesthetic.

| >>710642
literally this

| china

| Good news. You are already in there.

| I don't think we are really there yet, but if neoliberalism gains more and more traction we will be there in a decade or two. Corps are getting out of hand, and the big fortunes get richer each year.

I recently saw a TV ad for people to work on Amazon warehouses here in Europe which was downright disturbing, catering for people without any education explicitly (wording it like that) and showing the opportunity of being granted responsibilities (literally too), like, what the hell

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This thread is permanently archived