I hate how life is.

| Why can't we implant ourselves and evolve with cool tech already fellow chummers.

| we literally have prostetic body parts and synthetic organs already

| >>705973 Mom can we have cyberpunk?
>>706250 We have cyberpunk at home
>Cyberpunk at home ...

| >>706250
None of those improve us. They're replacements for failed organs or lost limbs.

| Or the alternative is, fucking advancing the required scientific fields by yourself to create the "cool tech" you mentioned

| Sorry, life is full of dissapointment

| Life will be full of disappointment if you yourself choose to stay a disappointment

| >>a4d08b
The trump shilling right-wing incel thinks his life is a disappointment

Lol who could've guessed? xDD

| Check yourself, >>706250. Not everyone was born with your cyborg privilege.

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