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| If you had the choice would you change yourself? Nanomachines, custom body? Genetic alterations? Put brain in a robutt bod or upload yourself?

| Who knows, right now I don't see the need for any of that, but in the future it could be as indespensable as a smartphone. For now let's follow the progress of Neuralink

| i dont think i wanna be immortal, so i would just do things to make my life awesome, so like, nano robots to fight diseases and who knows probably make me make some part of my body be temporarily made out of metal,you know
i would try to make my body as energetic efficient as possible, and have the abillity to like,basically manipulate all my tissues, so i can flow my meat through my bones and change my size and form,shrink or liquify below a door and reform in the other side

| I'd love to live long as I choose. See history unfold. Be there to see space and beyond and sample the universe. Well one can dream at least.

| I don't think I'd ever upload myself. Not after playing SOMA. That game's freaky.

| Bionic hands to combat the almost inevitable carpal tunnel syndrome anyone who works with computers regularly is gonna have in a few decades

| I'd become a girl...

| I'd love to be physically more durable. Perhaps a form of injury-immortality. I don't mind dying of old age: But I would love to experience certain thrills.

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This thread is permanently archived