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| Am i have a personality? And if yes, how many?

| yes,friendo. you have 3 many.

| It's right have 3 personalities?

| Is more rigther then having 0 personalities

| But if i have 3 personalities, are they really 3? Or it's mean that i don't have real personality? If you are understanding what i mean

| Depends on viewing angle. Is your personality your impression of yourself or how others see you? There could be n personalities of yours.

| Only nothingness truly exists. You have no personality don't worry

| three personalities sounds fine: i one is A, two is B an three are you looking A surviving B (and viceversa).

| I'm sorry for my screams to nowhere.. i have maybe some form of personality disorder.. did, bpd and ptsd are describing me so well.. sadly over my fears i can't over years visit doctor and being honest.. i'm walking there just for "piece" of family, but i'm never honest there about what i feel or so.. ans sadly same about my family what don't know to my real me.. i'm just pathetic liar

| I didn't to bother here

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This thread is permanently archived