What if reality is subjective?

| My mind is black/white.. but some people are said me in past that it's lie.. but i feel that they lie because my reality is working like that.. but.. what if both is correct? my mind is feel so mindfucked from the concept that reality is a lie, and that this all is just product of my fuckin' mind..

| I'm sorry my mind is always weird before sleep

| Yeah, been there, thought that. You'll get over it eventually g/u/rl. Just remember that as long as your knowledge applies to the world you see, it is all fine. :)

If one day you wake up and see that it was all a dream, or a simulation, or whatever, you'll just need to adapt your knowledge to the new discovery.

Also, aren't you the OP of "who is lain who is me" thread?

| >>692011 i feel anxious from imagine that exists something between, my brain is really bad for process something like that..
But it's really nice from you.. but.. what if i will never wake up? what if my vision of reality will be forever broken? i feel sad from it that i can't see relations and things as others..
And yes.. I have here more threads, this is one of them..

| >>692088
Let's pretend you are in a simulation. You will never figure it out, and you will eventually die not knowing that it was a simulation. Does it matter? I think it does not.

| >>692113 It's makes me sad this kind of imagine.. I'm kind of person what want get everything, or at least on theoretical level.. but.. even quantum mechanics makes me more sense than concept that someone can't be being good or bad but both.. or that i affect someone, or the person affect me.. and this kind of things.. it's makes me feel as nonsense, but.. it's makes me feel sad that i can't understand vision of world what see one special person..

| you should try drugs

| >>692177 I shouldn't it could going bad way :c

| >>692177
there's no bad or good, it's all subjective.

| >>692462
subjectively good is still good

| but my subjective is confused af ;-;

| I got similar thoughts only while smoking weed

| >>693182 worstest is that i don't.. my mind is fucked up like that naturally ;-;

| >>198b20
Do you smell toast?

| >>693322 ?

| >>692113 remember, that a simulation would only need to simulate your perception of reality, not all the proceses that happen at a time.

| >>693888 but i don't want live in simulation.. i wish be out of it and feel what some people feel same..

| >>694184
It makes virtually no difference.

This is exactly the point.
You can assume you are experiencing a very advanced simulation.

Actually it's not that far from what you are experiencing right now. It's just an experience. The "real world" is more than just visible light, touch isn't exactly "real", smell is just an interpretation of sensing volatile compounds, taste is almost the same, hearing is just an interpretation of pressure waves and conducted vibrations.

| Because it doesn't make a sensible difference, you can assume your experience has a sense of universality across the Human.

In that case you would indeed be feeling what others feel. It's not immediately confirmable, but you can reasonably assume it.

| True reality is objectively way more than what you can experience in your human body.

Because we all can somewhat (seemingly) relate to the human reality, even if it is subjective, we have some degree of connection. We can try to agree on reality.

It's already subjective. It doesn't mean we can't relate. It's not fake. We are the ones who build it.

| Pre-ekawa pseudo-science, oh god what am I doing

| >>694251 i just feel simulation same way as she do.. i feel that am i missing something ;-;

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