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Why isn't there much media with space exploration and cyberpunk theme?

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| Because of how meticulous those two themes have to be in order to feel right, I guess?

CP2077 has a long development history, and No Man's Sky didnt feel like a full space explorer until more and more content was added.

If we're talking about movies, they sometimes go too much but little impact, like a chunk of Ready Player One. (theres also good ones, like Bladerunner/Alita tho)

| Read the works of Philip K. Dick. Space exploration and Cyberpunkish settings very prominent in his books and novellas.

Also I'm pretty sure you posted this in the wrong board, chumer.

| Mate, this us the roleplay board, you ate looking for /lain/ to post this in.

| *this is

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This thread is permanently archived