How long until the next big "era"?

| It's been awhile. The internet era was huge, but what's next? When? I'd love some thoughts.

| What era are we in now?

| Being at the point where we are with the human body, I'd say a sort of "human modification" era, yes? The fact that out bodies can be preserved and expanded upon is incredible.

| I'm not sure I get it. The only thing I'm modding on my body is with vaccines and tattoos and the latter doesn't really count.
I'd say we're in the human modification era when changing stuff in your DNA or electronic augmentations becomes a commodity.

I feel we're still living in the Internet era but I literally started thinking about this topic today so what do I know.

| as a "certified" cyborg, i'd have to agree with body modification being the next big thing. a lot of people are waking up to the idea of being who or whatever you want to be. whether it's dying your hair, getting a tattoo or piercing, plastic surgery, transgender, cyborg augmentation, biohacking, whatever. people are realizing their bodies are just meat tech that can be modified to suit their needs or express themselves more

| CoronEra?

| we're in the era when if you get fatally wounded, you sometimes get upgraded to god tier life support capabilities...

| i think we will be in internet era until mid 2030's or something. after that space exploration era maybe? we're still so far away from that "cyborg human modification" so i reckon space travel will come first.

or maybe something we've never heard about before? internet was like that so who knows...

| >>657688
I really wish you were right but I don't think so. We're still many generations away from a space exploration era. Today there's no money in it, only knowledge, hence why it's so hard to get funding.
When we can safely and cheaply transfer resources from space to earth we might see a boom in space travel.

| Perhaps the corp era, where people begin to realize the amount of power corps have over them, and certain key government restrictions are removed. It'd be interesting seeing corps govern entire cities (but some already do).

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