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If you had to have one cybernetic enhancement what would you choose?

| Figured you gals would come up with some interesting posts about this question.

| Hey, I was the guy who posted this into the questions thread yesterday. Reposted into cyberpunk life and didn't realise I was in the RP board until I got replies.

I'll copy over my answer to hopefully spark some discussion:

Personally I've always wanted an arm because of the potential to modify it and add extra functionality.

I'd never want cybernetic eyes, the potential for zooming and taking pictures isn't worth getting your sense of vision hacked by some script kiddie.

| A cybernetic heart that can boost the output of oxygen rich blood to my muscles and brain. I'm also fairly sure I'll die from heart disease when I'm old so being immune to that would be dope. Heart failure is the most common cause of death after all.

| >>d11d08 I've always been pretty sure that I'd die from tripping and hitting my head.
Maybe I should've thought more about a proximity based collision prevention implant. Something like the iron spider arms from marvel comics/movies.

Then again, who wants to live forever anyway?

| >>2cca60
Maybe you can get an inner ear augmentation so you'll always have perfect balance. It doesn't look as cool as iron spider arms but it's practical.

I wouldn't mind having cyberlegs if it means I won't get tired and can jump and run in mach 1.

Or maybe a nanobot enhanced immune system. Argh! I can't decide on only one augmentation! There are too many good ideas to choose from.

| >>655542
Nice one.

I want a backup neural interface in case I ever need some artificial organ.
Of course there'd be the possibility of someone plugging into it, but they'd have to do me some serious harm first, at which point I'd be so mutilated I'd probably die before any sort of exploit was run on me...

| >>d11d08 That's probably more practical. Reminds me of one of my friends irl a couple of years ago was planning to get a magnet implanted close to his ear so he could hear magnetic fields. I think the science is a little inconclusive, but it definitely seemed like something that worked when I looked into it. That's all to do with the fluid in your ears too.

| On second thoughts I'm thinking a cybernetic enhanced spine that'd act as a posture corrector/assist with positioning the body right for things like lifting, as well as the bonus of making the spine less exposed to small collisions.

| Eyes. Myopia sucks and glasses are expensive. I even accidentally sat on the ones I have and can't go get them fixed because of quarantine, I'm holding the frames with duct tape and glue lmao

| Protective skin allowing breathing under water at any depth.

| >>656296
That's a good one. Diving is pure bliss.

| Probably some sort of brain enhancement. Being able to remember things really well, learn new things quickly, process information quicker, basically never have any mental issues that come with aging. Also regulate my hormones and shit so I feel energetic and happy frequently

| >>90748b May I introduce you to a little game called Brain Training for the Nintendo DS

| I'd love to get the augments required to jump high, and land from even higher heights. So cybernetic leg implants, and a reinforced spine.

| >>656468
please also have your insides fully augmented so you don't just die from internal bleeding after a 100m fall ;_;

| absolutely an augmented spine coz i got a fucked up back.


| Neural enhancements would probably be my prefered. Because if you mind is smart and can yield your body to the best of it's ability one cold become quite a force to be reckoned with. Robo dick is kind of interesting as well, it's a robo dick.

| >>3bcd79 Neural enhancements worry me because I feel like at a certain point you become more function than human. Like you get too smart to still feel things the same way.

Plus depending on the kind you'd run the risk of hijacking/being hacked or controlled.

| >>657160
You could probably hack back at them easily !
You could also literally encrypt and error-correct your own thought process... Essentially giving you complete control over the interface... you could just say "no u" to the attacker, and give them the best neuro-dab you can manage, while you disable your interface.

| >>be7a51 What if the company who made the enhancements decided to overwrite you though? I could easily see a megacorp paying to get hints sent out to make you want their new product.

| >>657199
If you put locked down and proprietary software inside your mind then it's your own fault imo. For something like this open source is the only answer.

| >>5f1b7b Completely agree, but the surgery and implants would have to be pro, and I don't know how much I'd trust myself or anybody else to jailbreak my brain.

| >>657199
Ah, I understand, but there seems to always be an escape as long as you are aware of the backdoor.
Until you find a way to delete it...
But if you mean during the surgery, then you basically are being commercially raped if they have any intent to zombify you...

| >>99a57d abandoning humanity to increase performance significantly sounds like a great idea tbh

| >>723f61 Don't forget that the limbs would still be attached to your fleshy body. For me the main benefit is the inability to feel pain or lowered risk of breaking a limb than the potential for increased strength.

| >>658163
yea, right, what if your leg gets stuck because it can't break, and then it rips your trunk in half...

| cybernetic enhancements suck big pack of good ol' batshit-dicks.

| that is if you are not a crippled person or smth

| I have bad eyes and wear glasses, but cyb eyes would be too much for the people around.
I'm ok with my shitty body tbh.

| >>0533d3 Idk man, I mean can you imagine the potential of an arm that can do more than just have a hand at the end. Like the ability to add extra parts and function to a limb so that you can do a job or just navigate life easier.

Personally I've always been curious about adding a gun to an arm, not because I think it's a good idea by any stretch, but because I'm curious which part of the brain would adapt to be part that controls the "trigger".

| I'd either want eyes or arms.

| Arms would be enough, or simply bionic hands like Alma.

I just want to say fuck you to the unavoidable carpal tunnel syndrome in 20 years or so.

| i think all g/u/rls here except for >>99a57d are missing the point. this is a C Y B E R P U N K board. not cyberfantasy pro-transhumanist propaganda.

| >>658597
Dude do you even know what cyberpunk is

| >>658604
Please don't take obvious bait :)

| Super strong arms that maybe could manipulate electromagnetic pulses and fields so I could use Jedi force push or pull on things.

| >>658788 sorry, I should've known. (⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄)

I'm interested in something like Teslas cyberlink if I can have complete control over it. That includes all the software you tap into from your PC.

You can do so much with it. Connect it to a WiFi dongle and control a terminal from your mind. Put on VR glasses and become the drone you're flying (and fire bullets faster than pulling a trigger like they do in the air force).

| >>658788
sorry for the bait, but i'm concerned. i feel like there are two types of cyberpunkers: first, the ones that are a bit paranoid, worried about the future and our relationship with technology. and the others are, well, this thread.

in 2018 i read both the unambomber stuff and a book on transhumanism and i found the writings of the former (literally a terrorist) far more reasonable.

| if you remove the part about bombing stuff, the unabomber is just basic anti-capitalism stuff. in the other hand, some points on the transumanism book (by antonio dieguez, my cousin knows the guy) were just plain evil super-villain stuff. making people more obedient via dna, collective consciousness, etc.

| honestly, cybernetic eye(s) couldn't be worse than the ones i have rn, i can't see shit if it's more than 10cm away

| >>6d1ac1
Relax, we're just having fun here. You don't need to take everything from the Internet so seriously.

| >>658320
cybernetic enhancements suck.

Powered exoskeletons > > prosthethic arms

Google glass > > augmented vision

| Wait, why are we all talking about robotic legs and not realising the potential of just having wheels in our feet so we don't even have to move our legs.

>Cyber Heelys

| >>662851
Bro, I need that!

| >>661241 +1 to powered exoskeletons for sure. I can't wait until these are cheap.

| >>c7ea7a Personally I'm just waiting for fully cybernetic limbs. Exoskeletons are cool, but I feel like they're really only for like.. workplaces and shit. For me personally it's robot limbs or no dice.

| Arms for sure. I injured my wrist recently and I never want to go through that hell again. Or possibly spine.

| I was doing a big think yesterday and I thought a robot digestive tract would be good, that way I could be deadly serious when I tell people I have an iron gut.

| I was born blind in one eye so iam definitely going for the eye.
Also, that robotic DICK

| >>d3e070 >>662851 and how do you think u can move through tough terrain like mountains and desert...

| >>7dcd6e By retracting the wheels...

| >>665047
Fart propulsion using your customised digestive tract.

| >>979af2 Now we're talking

| Definitely going for a robo-tongue for maximum licking capability. I think a foot long would do the trick.

| >>1cc359 The fuck are you needing to kick at a foot range?

| Lick*

| I want cybernetic voice so I can sing in tune and hit those perfect high notes with impossible vocaloid-like otherworldly tones

| Internet in my head ^^

| Some sort of armor mod for my knees, hands and butt would be cool. Skating is tough. ^^ Oh, and speaking of which... it's not exactly an augmentation but hell, the smart wheels from Snowcrash would be friggin' cool to have!

| I can imagine what all i can do with this internet... i can write and read things anywhere, anytime... I could communicate without open mouth. I would be possible know everything and be connected to anything what i will want xd ohh and hearing music or watching videos without any device... just by some small device in my head xd

| >>666261 Yeah that's gone well in every science fiction movie

| >>666186
That sounds dope af

| Brain for Mind Uploading and thus immortality.


| >>666392
i read an interesting paradox on this one. they are going tonsedate you, then make an image of your mind and then, lethal injection since you are "immortal" and won't need your body anymore.

the doctor awakes you after the procedure and says that the mind uploading went ok but there was a problem with the lethal injection and that you are going to need another injection.

what would you do?

| >>667677
I would never accept the lethal injection in the first place because it's downright dumb.

If you want to live forever just make the copy and have everything that encompasses you live in the wire. Your ego won't transfer but the ego is an illusion anyway. Everything else about you will live on and will work on the same things you did.

Killing one copy, body or not, doesn't bring anything to the table so I don't see the point of doing it.

| >>667677
During your lifetime you will replace all of your cells in the body and brain up to 7 times. Yet you are still you, right?

So transferring your conscience between matter can be done since everyone does it, as long as it is done procedurally over some period of time.

Making a copy and killing one of them doesn't seem like the way to go.

| >>667730
yep, i've also read about replacing yourself progressively. still not sure about it.

i would sound like bladee all the time

| probably a serotonin implant :(

| >>667745 lmao

| >>668415
Sounds like it would fuck you up big time. Wouldn't that just be, like, mechanical heroin?

| >>668415
I thought this was a cool idea and apparently it's already a reality!


| >>667732 could be done via regnerative syrums. So like some to stimulate neural growth to replace lost brain matter,some to lengthen the telemeres and so on and so forth.

| I would probably choose either enhanced vision so I can be highly more accurate whilst fitting a weapon or a cybernetic arm for my dominant arm, that one is self explanatory.

| I’m a simple man. I just want a cool ass arm with a gun in it

| >>668842
What do you mean by 'cool add arm'? Do you sit on it?

| >>668862

| >ba dum tss >>5f1b7b

| >>668419

| Vibrating tounge tip

| top notch digestive system
and eyes

| >>669924 Imagine you're trying to give a presentation at work and your vibro-tongue accidentally goes off making your mouth go apeshit.

| >>670020 I will become cyborg cheems

| >>670020
Hey, rather the vibro-tougne going off than the vibro-vrist.

| https://cyberpunk.fandom.com/wiki/Mr._Studd

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