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Favorite Cyberpunk games?

| (THAT one doesn’t count)

| Life.

| The Shadowrun series

| Subserial Space felt very cyberpunk.

| Shadowrun: Returns, it's sequels, and Astral Chain are the top of my video game list. Shadowrun 5th edition (haven't tried any other edition but 6th looks terrible just by rules) gets credit for consuming my life as a pen and paper game.

I'm even running a Va-11 Hall A themed Shadowrun game over the quarantine and am constantly looking for games to join.

| Gunpoint

| The Red Strings Club

| The Talos Principle was kind of a bad game and not really that cyberpunk but its philosophy fits well.

| That one.

Snatcher otherwise

| Gotta give Snatcher a try, heard great things about it

| >>651888
i've never managed to finish it but its a top tier game, both music and art wise. my favorite song fron the game is Innocent Girl. also, i like these graphic adventure games with lots of item descriptions and dialogues.

| Cloudpunk. They somehow mixed 3d and pixel together and it looks downright amazing.

| >>652450 +1

| How's Anachronox? Have anyone here played it?

| Shadowrun: Hong Kong

| >>8e4255 +1

| i do like me some run 3

| I've recently played Whispers of the Machine, a point and click adventure game, I enjoyed it a lot. Its the mundane cyberpunk sub genre though. You play as a cyber-enhanced special agent sent to investigate a string of violent murders on a rural settlement. That's as much as I could say without spoilers lol.

| Though Cyberpunk2020 would probably my favorite cyberpunk game at the moment. Admittedly it's not really a video game, which I'd imagine what this thread was mainly about. It's so rich in lore, detail and atmosphere for a table top role playing game, even just with the standalone book. Plus playing with friends is a good time.

| It's a lot of fun for 7 bucks if you can pull some friends together to play it

| (also on that note I didn't get into shadowrun for the fact that I needed like a bunch of the same dice ashkfkajfhd, pals and I started on d&d so most only have a set of variety die and I didn't want everyone to buy more dice just so they could play my game, guess we could have just used virtual die but thats like marginally less cool)

| has anybody tried hackmud? looks cool but is a bit expensive only available via steam and multiplayer only

| >>653519 it's crap

| I should elucidate:

It has a good concept, but poor execution. All of the 'hacking' boils down to brute forcing stuff. multiplayer interaction is highly optional and rather confusing, hacking AI targets gets very boring, and there's not much to do. That being said, I've not played in a while, so there's a chance it's gotten better.

| Does hackthebox count?

| Deus Ex.

| Ruiner and *That* game.

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