Were experiencing the high tech low life cyberpunk "dystopia" right now

| Were only communicating with eachother through the internet now more than ever. Our human interaction doesnt come from real life but the digital world. In addition, us working class members of society are completely distanced from the governments in terms of kinship. Were watching the world turn beyond our control as were mere worthless ants with nothing but eachother nd escapism.

| Dystopia in quotations because im fucking autism and have always awaited this since ive never really wanted to be an individual anyway

| Uh, no. Maybe where you live, but that just sounds like fantasy spawned from your love for cyberpunk fiction. I can interact with both other people and the government just fine.

| >>636636 stop... i just want things to happen.... im so bored :/

| >>636674
Fair enough. I'm sorry. Maybe if you give me your social security number things could happen between us? ;)

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