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make me sad

| make me mad
make me feel alright?

i swear lain ps1 is way too overshadowed by the anime, have to go to the online website version just to get the experience in english and without the painful loading times

| okay that last part undermines my statement but the writing is insanely great uhhh i chose poor wording in my last paragraph

| I've been thinking in start reading it, but I don't know if I should do it in a specific order

| What experience.
All I have is plaintext translation, you tell there is a completed translated gaem?

| Lain is already dead and she will be completely forgotten in 5 years

| not sad because not true, she has a giant cult fandom and is everpresent in discussions of cyberpunk

| >>633601 sad news, no official translation. closest you can get is the website.

| *no fan translation patch either

| >>633645 Lain cannot die. She is with us always. Let's all love Lain.

| Could someone give the link of this website?

| just look up lain game

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This thread is permanently archived