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| Thoughts about Techwear?


It's best outfit a hackerman can have.

Nah joking, a true hackerman wouldn't want everyone staring at him. It looks kind of cool but wearing like that in public (at least in my country) would make everyone stare at you.

| Not to mention that it seems to be all black, kind of sad because i am more of an bloomer myself.

I would still ball on these jacket though

| I like, its just that most techwear are expensive. But you can find techwear-like stuff on the cheap.

| I'd say on the examples you provided, its mostly the balaclava that stands out. You see the rest everywhere else in some form.

| the second one i s a bit baggy which is kinda edgy

but it kind of gives off future korean street clothing which is a good vibe

| other than that it is just quite black lol

| https://maekan.com/2019/09/techwear-falling-short-of-its-vision/

| >ow the edge
Techwear's overrated, all the hackermans out there gotta be lookin' like characters outta shadowrun/Cyberpunk 2020, or you're doing it wrong

| >>623111
This is just edgy wear, where's the tech?
Literally, I thought you meant people wearing tech, like https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/c_fit,f_auto,fl_progressive,q_80,w_470/18s3tqe0suviejpg.jpg

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| >>623809
It can be retarded, but at least is not edgy and retarded

| Shouldn't be like in, um, y'know, /lain/?

| Shouldn't be like in, um, y'know, /lain/?

| >>624515

I guess that makes sense. Moving.

| >>623794
mans copped the mfin uhhhhhh

| That's Watchdogs cosplay. Stinks of Reddit.

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