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/lain/'s purpose?

| I have shit memory so don't rail me too hard if I get this completely incorrect. Didn't /lain/ used to be just /cyb/ and what is now /cyb/ used to be /cyblife/? I recall this board being solely for the purpose of talking about the narratives of cyber life and generally getting meta. If not what greater purpose does /lain/ now serve?

| To worship lain ofc

| Damn it g/u/rl. We were so close to seeing a board with no posts on it. Now we gotta wait again.

| /lain/ used to be part of /cyb/. /cyb/ was a board for discussion of cyberpunk as a whole, and RP. Eventually they were split apart. Now /cyb/ is the RP board, and /lain/ is the board for discussion of cyberpunk media, ideas, etc.

| Would it be okay to post a cyberpunk sci-fantasy story of my own writing onto here? A while back I used to be the OP of a thread where people would have their own character and input commands for them text-adventure style, but eventually found no time to continue. I wanted to try again with another creative, community aided project, but /u/ is too crowded for it to be properly hosted there and everywhere else is just against what the board is meant for.

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Sounds cool.

| >>616264 The Perillion Station thread? Are you the gurl from that?

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I don't think so, the entire thing was a pretty obscure thread. I have some of it saved on my computer, but off the top of my head I remember the first character waking up on a room that had a open window that flooded the room with pink and blue. The character might have also been a slime, but I can't recall. We only really got up to five separate characters in 5 or 6 threads.

| First character was some twin tailed loli who got vored by a tentacle monster, iirc.

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Starstation Perihelion, lol.

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Definitely not my thread, at all.

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Damn. I never participated in those, but I remember seeing them. There were a lot of those threads. I should read them sometime.

But, basically, yeah. This board is for everything cyberpunk related except for roleplaying, which is in /cyb/.

| The Perhelion threads were great.

| I don't like the fact there's a specific board for roleplaying. I love doing that, but I also don't like feeling obligate to.

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Uh, so, just use /cyb/ when you want to and somewhere else when you don't, yeah?

| to love Lain

| >>616737 ...? Nothing's forcing you to? Personally, I ignore all threads from /cyb/ unless they're the Radio Wire ones. Those are fun to read. "Neil", are you in this thread?

| >>616743 >>616870 You gurls don't understand. I feel like I need to stay in character and follow the settings in those threads, when really I just want to dick around.

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You could just make or follow one of the regular "in universe" anon threads?

Those don't require any sort of character maintenance, since... you're literally an anonymous g/u/rl on a textboard. Like right now.

| How many derps here would want to see Starstation Perihelion come back?

The last time I asked on /d/ most of the old readers were gone. I didn't expect to see fans of it in /lain/, of all places.


| >>616948 I'd love to see it back, but only if you have enough time.

| >>617034 Ditto.

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Have at it, gurls!

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