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| Talked with someone recently regarding the tension with China, and the topic of war was brought up, of which five basic types were categorized:
Some types of wars are a mix of the two. Cyber wars employ highly skilled hackers to spy and sabotage. The space race is a war to gain more access to resources and territory.
We argued, however, on which of these is the default is, of which World War 3 would surely focus on.

| Oh, and to give some definition.
-Conventional war is the usual destruction type stuff.
-Economical is the usual trade stuff.
-Technological refers mainly to how advanced the state is with tech in various sectors.
-Cultural refers to how much of an influence their propaganda has on people, including outside their populace.
-Informational is how much intel a state has regarding internal affairs, particularly of others.

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This thread is permanently archived