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Subsuming one's identity

| Given the state of the world and the way things are heading, do you g/u/rls think it's smarter to stick to imageboards/text boards in order to be slightly more anonymous? IRC, Discord, they all have started to feel like cults of personality to me.

| Discord is still pretty anonymous to me. However, this place is much nicer because it cycles your ID so that there are no small circles of interest which kick out all the freshmen.
>Or maybe it's just Russian community being toxic af

| Discord and IRC depend heavily on server/channel. They're usually a blight on existing non-Discord communities, though. They're usually better than Telegram or the other things like it, though.

| >>599256

Ironically the russians are among the best behaved here.

| Am >>dd8389
Well, maybe, however, as a russian I personally find it hard to join their thread here and was pretty much kicked out of some tg anon chats just for the cause of being new to the community. Sucks to be me, I guess. It's like they all know each other and discuss all the everyday routine, how their work day was like and what an asshole their boss is. It's kinda hard to bring new topics to the discussion, so I lost my interest quickly.

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This thread is permanently archived