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underrated cyberpunk films?

| need some good relatively unknown / underrated shit

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| Never heard of 'bump' what is it about?

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| I didnt go digging for cyberpunk films much but when i did find some weird or unknown films they were mostly just bad films i mean, there arent really a lot of cyberpunk films in general so those of them that are good are well known, you know, things like akira, ghost in the shell, blade runner, matrix. Honestly cyberpunk right now (with the exception of some good video games) is more of a book genre than anything else really...

| Just play snatcher

| Cyber City Oedo 808

| I'd say Brazil, it's a great film and I don't see it being discussed often

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johnny mnemonmic is a really underrated cyberkino and possibly the closest thing to a true gibsonian movie.
another hidden gem is nirvana (1997). the atmosphere is amazing but the plot is not that great.
avalon by mamoru oshii is another underrated classic. ghost in the shell director + badass yellowish filter + killer soundtrack + polish actors = DYSTOPIAN CYBERKINO
honorable mentions: mute, hackers (not cyberpunk), death machine (more like 90s military-industrial)

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i fucking love terry gilliam movies. my favorite is dr. parnassus and the least favorite is time bandits.

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