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How will we die?

| What do you think is most likely to happen?

I hope it's not slipping on liquid soap. That karma's already been paid off by the patent owner.

| The world will enter ww3 and everyone will be wiped out

| >>582047
You will most likely have your life shortened considerably by cancer. You most likely won't die from it. However you could become very weak, and succumb to shitpo-

| Get turned into ice cream.

| >>582066 starting with our cum

| OP here. Here is an update to the thread: If you can predict 100% how you will die I will give you $1,000,000 in cash, FOR FREE. You must provide me proof, and the money is yours!

| >>582116 you know that means if I die as predicted the money goes to my family, right?

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This thread is permanently archived