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Cyberpunk Media

| Feel free to post your favorite works of cyberpunk here in this thread. Please be sure to mark off what medium it is: Film, video games, novels, etc.

| If anyone is reading this, make sure you give https://dangeru.us/lain/thread/581909 for some good cyberpunk suggestions, and read the second post.

| https://dangeru.us/lain/thread/581909 a visit* for some good cyberpunk suggestions.

| https://store.steampowered.com/app/447530/VA11_HallA_Cyberpunk_Bartender_Action/

I don't know if any of you guys know this game called Va11-HallA, a visual novel set in a cyberpunk city called Glitch City

| >>582098

>Guys on Danger/u/
>Ever heard of VA-11 Hall-A?

| https://www.dictionary.com/browse/cyberpunk to see the word, "cyberpunk" in a dictionary. That is always fun.
I strongly recommend dictionary.com

| https://www.neondystopia.com/what-is-cyberpunk/

Best, and longer, definition.

| I like to masturbate to the cyberpunk anime, "Mezzo Forte" It's two episodes long, and enough time for me to achieve orgasm. I am horny.

| >>582111
>what is irony?

| >>583411 I wouldn't call it a cyberpunk

| what a clusterfug

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