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Life philosophy

| What morals do you adhere to (or at least try to go by) in your day to day life to fulfill your obligations of what it means to be human?

~noel map hire

| I try to follow that book
Warrior of the light: a manual

| >>577570 Is it a short book? It kind of sounds like a 'How to be a Chuunibyou' kind of book.

~tania fowls claws

| >>577680 it's a short book about being a good person and has a bunch of spiritual references ans undertones.
But I'll admit that I bought it totally hoping for a "how to be a chuunibyou" guide

| Have sex and have fun.

| I don't do harm for anyone and try to brighten everyone's day, becouse often everyone pays me off the same way i treat them. As people say, start from yourself. Life is harsh to you, try making it a bit brighter for someone.

| Being a good person. Not harming others and respecting their existence. The horrors you can learn from propaganda, it has me on a mission. I wish to teach people of good will. It's like people have never met anyone who doesn't have a motive or doesn't live in a bubble.

| >>577684 How hedonistic.

>>577896 >>577997 Does that not tire you out? At times I feel I must be more honest with myself lest I suffer ever more. Besides, goodwill can only get so far to some. These are the times I especially choose not to put on a mask, but how far would you tolerate?

~lyne baits hench

| Idealistically, I'll live my life without bothering and not be bothered but life isn't as easy

| >>578307 yeah of course it tires me out. I get sad sometimes knowing how misinformed and misguided some people are. "We live in a society" in which MSM propagandist push certain narratives that people get caught up with. We can't give up just because. That's the black pill way of "let's not even try". I respect people who don't wear the mask. Some people "get it". Others don't really "get it". Some must lead the blind. "he who has 1 eye in the land of the blind, is king."

| I generally just want to keep enjoying things as i have been. why think about the things that make you sad when you can just think of what makes you happy? and besides, no matter what. no human can make everyone understand one another, so just cherish the few people that knows you best

Only thing i'm missing is the person who would share this feeling with me.

| >>38d051 i give zero fucks about two faced people and i hate them deeply. I usually see which people are worth my respect and time. I dont bother with ones who can't appreciate it.

| I try as hard as I can to keep people alive and healthy, because if nobody's dying then I'm more likely to survive

| >>578394 There are no kings, only wandering slaves of reality. That's not to say reality isn't pleasant, or that you can't be kings amongst subjects, but at the end of the day we are all dying slowly. One has to move on from games of society and usurp our master.

| >>578782 if only, I noticed some people are free from most idiocies but they always have at least 1 ball and chain. But I do disagree, their are kings among us. Especially in Hollywood. They degrade the men and women who wish to be stars because they who run it are not the pretty and handsome. So they force those looking for riches to grovel on their knees for fame. Ever seen Robert D'Niro working tall platform shoes?

| >>579097 Still social problems. I'm talking about the world. Those hollywood stars would starve and die like any of us if food became hard to socially come by, and none of them could farm. You catching my drift yet?

| Those who beg are shooting craps in the lottery. The ball and chain I'm talking about can't be removed 'till you die.

| >>577684
well i love sex so aint that just great

| I try to follow the lifestyle outlines in The Satanic Bible, and it has helped me in figuring out who I am.

| I just live and let live. If someone can be happy doing something (that doesn't hurt/affect others) then why can't they? I'm over wallowing in my misery (stupidly, yes) but that's no reason to make everyone feel the same as me lol

Also, to the /g/urls talking about the ball and chain. I'm interested to hear more of your discussion. What is the way to remove the chains? Certainly, you heard of theories that say we come back and repeat life all over again? How do you escape?

| I don't know my life philosophy, but I sure want to shape it to turn me into a man like Kiryu from the yakuza games.

| >>579145 do you not think those actors and propaganda movies have nothing to do with shaping public opinion or public. What about the TV generation who had the TV as their babysitter. Before we address problems of the world we have to address the people problem we have. People have become slaves to vices and over self indulgence. The locked themselves into the ball and chain. Dragging themselves through life lazily. Do you really think people have nothing to do with how the worldis

| >>579400 I think so, yeah. TV is one thing but necessities of life are another. People are so caught up in policing each other they fail to realize what they're standing on. They think other people are the infrastructure around them, when in reality, the few people who are involved in infrastructure interact with tools, not other people, to keep you alive. If you want to hold the world, become Atlas. Use tools, not figures of speech that can't sustain you. Bear weight for a while.

| You think their actions do nothing to effect those beneath them. Those in power are well versed in the infrastructure and policy. Do you think those who pull levers don't make decisions at time that are selfish to them or those who pulled magic levers to help them get propped up. Decisions are driven by something. It's not magic people just wake up one day and decided to do something.

| Life before death
Strength before weakness
Journey before destination

| Suck or get sucked
If you don't wanna suck dick you need to show dominance and force others to suck your dick

| >>579862 Just live in the sewer, people don't stick their dicks down there. Just don't come out and get seen, or the rest of us'll see a threat and gang rape ya, analogue-wise...

>>579233 7cf here. Reads kinda like 'Seth'. Anyway.

The way to get out is to learn as much as you can, have as many capabilities as possible and slowly release yourself from the chains of unpredictability. You could still die, so that's why I said you'll be chained to reality, probably 'for life'. Heh.

| >>579400 TV shapes the world, but the world also shapes TV. you can claim one has power over the other but you're still, lending from the g/u/rl>>fd0121 here, sucking the world's dick, which really isn't avoidable. So get to know your master, not just the master's slaves. The fact we can even have a conversation is more than software, it's physics. Software changes, physics does not. Physics is reliable. People are reliable but there are so many and they follow so many rules.

| The tides of society will be ever changing but are still in a solid environment. Know the people, know in part the environment. Know the environment, know in part the people. When you do things in society, it's more than social; it's chemical and physical. And society might be not as efficient if you think about it that way.

| Hell yeah TV does things. But if the tube breaks, the control is gone. Luckily for the puppeteer, the people are hooked; the environment has been made to contain and you must change it, not only people, to break free. You have to ask why you interact and if it's necessary, and why others think it's necessary to interact with you; perhaps you can use technology to satisfy both parties without it ending in blood, because devices don't feel and it's pointless to break them.

| Soda machine still broke tho, but at least it ain't a person.

Seth out

| Suck or be sucked. If you wanna suck that dick, you gotta work for it. Don't let anyone else have it. Otherwise you might get sucked yourself. Eyes on the prize. Focus on the cock.

| F*ck people

| >>580490 yes, that seems to be the best way to perpetuate our species

| Two words: Ram Ranch.

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