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Stop for a moment the "we already live in a cyberpunk world" thing

| I do really want to insert more cyberpunk elements into my life.. any suggestion?

| Automate your home with some microcontroller
Or get some neon signs
Or both

| I think mood is everything. Lights random tech, techwear ecc

| Btw this argument interest me a lot. Just tell me if u want to share your ideas and discuss them

| >>576502 I don't really like the idea of having lots of alexas spying on me, and at the same time I don't have that much money to spend..

| >>576647 I was talking about stuff like arduinos with motors and coding it all on your own, I'd never recommend people to install spy bots in their houses to end their last sliver of privacy

| stfu nerd.

| Spy not sounds like a cyberpunk element to me

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This thread is permanently archived