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Neuralink article

| https://waitbutwhy.com/2017/04/neuralink.html
Further thoughts on Neuralink and why the idea is so innovative.

I believe I made a post detailing what might go wrong with it in the recent /lain/ archive if you're interested.

And be sure to check out more of Wait But Why's blog posts. Not it's creator, just really like the site.

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| >191-242 minutes
Holy fuck OP, I've never seen an article this long

| >>576090 The article goes to great lengths to set up the foundation to understand before getting to the man topic, although the neurobiology part seemed unnecessary in that regard, albeit informative.

~stews shrug robby

| "What might go wrong"? There's no way such a shitty thing doesn't go wrong, it's not "might" but "will"

| >>576155 Well, there's also a lot of things that may go 'right' with this, so I would personally take that risk.

| >>576169 Yep, and by eating radioactive elements you may become a superhero, maybe you should take that risk too.
But no problems, hackers will have a lot of fun putting their malwares right into your brain.

| >>576218 just play with it offline

| >>576218 Maybe in the far future that is the case, but this isn't necessarily a step towards cybernetic transhumanism. At least not yet. The tech is more akin to something like Google Glass for now. Once this sees widespread use, life would be much more convenient for all. And don't give me that 'the elites will keep it to themselves'. You know that capitalists only care about profit to the detrinent of everything else. Also newsflash, at least you are guaranteed better performance

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