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Cyber future

| How long until big tech companies are completely in control? Are they already? Will a fight against this cause cyberpunk to become a widespread reality?

| They are already, Google filters your search results to fit their world view
Also both Facebook and Google have plans to manipulate the 2020 US elections(or make them more "fair" according to them)
And that's the beginning, if Facebook's plan to have a digital currency becomes a success we're screwed for good

| We're in the very beginning of an endgame. Censorship is becoming more rampant, people doesn't seem to care where their data or information are going (and it has went past 'for convenience's sake'), and active resistances are being made by smaller groups.

Either way, we're screwed.

| There's also the thing about making people believe that "white nationalists" are the villains to people on the left and jews the villains to people the right to divert attention from the wrongdoings of big companies

| The situation is definitely bad right now, but like it or not, as much centralized as the internet is becoming, there's also a growing movement for digital privacy and decentralization
Big Tech only has power within their servers, what we should really fear is governments forcing these companies to do what they want them to do

| Remember, security through obscurity. The regulatory bodies can only operate on what they know. They are not likely to attack you in a part of your life without either a widespread establishment to restrict that one part, or due suspicion. And no matter how much a government controls, it is not omnipotent, merely social at the root.
While the endgame might be starting, any resistance is only a bout of ignorance away.

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This thread is permanently archived