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Sleep ငႸეႤၔ

| Well my adherence to circadian rhyrhm is fucked thanks to my portable mind trainer.

Hello, fellow idiots of the night. I an very sleepy but my mind stays on

How many of us are out there?

| I want to sleep at day but I can't because #wagielife

| We are many.

| >>575016
and you are one. How can you hope to prevail against us?

| Perhaps the fellow thinks they can just hide in the night, unaware of the space that's already taken. >>575330

| You could sleep whenever you want with my secret technique, but ypu wouldn't wake up ever again

| あなたの夢と無限の美学を発展させてください。

| >>574723
I want to become a millionaire, not because I want to fuck hookers and sail around in a yacht (am okay with that), but because I want to just sleep whenever I want, and no one will tell me what to do.

| >>575737 this, and the personal accomplishments that come with becoming a millionaire

| >>576230 You don't get accomplishments just from being a millionaire. You have to efficiently use those million/s dollars you have.

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This thread is permanently archived