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Fucking Caracas looks like Glitch City

| I mean, really, they've got these big-ass scyscrappers raising above normal buildings and fucking red-roof ghetto



| Yee, the high-tech, low-life shit

| Looks like a normal city to me...

| Well, maybe you're just living in the cyberpunk world

| Manila, Philippines is also pretty cyberpunk...

Not too long ago I took a photo there that had shanty homes in the foreground, and the big ass skyscrapers in the background.

| Not enough neon lights.

One thing I often forget is that Caracas is where old anime was voiced.

Or at least, Dragon Ball.

| Well glitch city seems to actually be inspired by Caracas and is located in South America, and n1rvann-a is going to be located in the Caribbean so I bet we may see Cyberpunk Cuba or dominican Republic

| >>572603 Not so sure. Some places are really fucked up. All we know of Australia is that don't want to talk about what happened to Australia. For all we know, Cuba can be anything from Charcoal Galore to Atlantis 2.

And we barely see anything besides the bar. If we get to see some other places, it would be better if that happens outside the bartender series, like in "NEXT GAME".

| That's awesome!

| >>572615 from the descriptions, it appears it's gonna be a different perspective from VA-11-HALL-A (we will be in the rich part of the city, and the poor and even more fucked up part of the city may only be referenced)

| Look at these!


| These photos look very similar to Glitch City from the title screen of Va-11 Hall-A!


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This thread is permanently archived