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Bloomberg: Upgrade Your Memory With a Surgically Implanted Chip

| It's real.


| Alzheimer's will still be a thing.

| Does it come with Wi-Fi?

| >>569452
Let's just hope they don't get manipulated too much...

| Why upgrade? I don't want to remember any bad memories. It will be cool if the user can manage the memories manually (without third party involvement ofc) so that anything that you want to forget can be deleted.

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The chip probably doesn't store anything. I bet it just sends electrical impulses to a part of the brain that handles memories in order to stimulate it.

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That's how the article describes it, yeah. If anything the chip doesn't seem to use that new of a technology, it just activates when it detects you trying to remember something.

| This is awesome. Well have the full range of Mass Effect classes available in soon

| >>570637 this this this this PLEASE, i hate remembering every single spoiler

| >>570637 Slippery slope. Memories exist for a reason: to serve as precedent and to give a sense of self. Unless if you're going to live for a long time, it's best such a thing be left in the hands of therapists.

| >>571540 fuck that, I'll take my cyberized self control now, thanks

| >>571562 Might as well just kill yourself if you're gonna do that, but you do you.

| I want to manipulate my memories and remember myself as a fearless hero who defeated many bad guys
Why erase the bad memories when you can add good ones that outweight the bad ones by far?

| >>571652 Might as well just get schizophrenia if you're gonna do that, but you do you.

| >>571689 I want to feel like a hero not become a paranoid who hears voices

| Cool, from there it's only a few steps to reprogram peoples memory - lol.

| You cyberpunks ever seen Total Recall? Original or the remake, it's pretty much about perception of reality and starts off with the protagonist getting his memory altered.

| There's a remake of the film total recall!? Is Arnold in it as well?

| >>572039

Nope, Colin Farrell takes the role instead: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Total_Recall_(2012_film)

Also lmao wtf, I had no idea that these two films were in fact based on "We can remember it for you wholesale" by Philip K. Dick- meaning they're both, in fact, cyberpunk works.

| Imagine implanting a hypothetical consumer version of this chip and being "forced" to store/remember ABSOLUTELY everything you did, saw, heard and touched at any moment which could have triggered a memory.

Would we have the equivalent of an out of disk space error on a human?

| >>572363 the brain has a very good garbage collector you'll lose your thought process before your RAM gets overloaded

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