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Does WD Legion look like less generic cyberpunk than Cyberpunk 2077?

| I'm not saying either is presenting anything particularly new to the genre but to me it seems like 2077 is very much leaning into generic cyberpunk aesthetic and barely going deeper than that, while WD Legion is being a bit more inventive with its ideas.
Of course this is based on just a few trailers and the little info we have on both, so I could be very wrong.
Am I a dumbass for thinking this? Tell me what you think so I can adjust my opinion accordingly

| Also I didn't post in /v/ because it seemed more like cyberpunk discussion than game discussion. Plus /lain/ needs the activity

| I was thinking the same
I'll get both either way because the world needs more cyberpunk-ish AAA titles

| cyberpunk 2077 is shaped up to appeal to a wide, mainstream audience, which still believes cyberpunk = cool tech rebels neon lights megacorps bad

you're right in saying wd legion is a little less generic, but still pretty generic esp. when there's much weirder cyberpunk/ish *books* out there.

neither's bringing up anything interesting enough to the table for me to look into them, wish we had more technobabylon-esque stuff :/

| CB 2077 is kind of generic, but what's wrong with that? Cyberpunk is fucking awesome! The more cyberpunk games the better. There aren't nearly enough, and the fact that this one looks genuinely high quality and is made by developers that really know their shit is awesome.

| Imagine if all that money funding generic shooters with neon lights went to development of games such as Shadowrun :(

| If you're going to criticize Cyberpunk 2077 for having a generic-looking cyberpunk aesthetic visually (even though the game looks graphically beautiful), that's fine, but claiming the game isn't "going deeper" without even seeing more than just trailers is simply making bad guesswork on a story you don't know shit about. Stop with the unnecessary cynicism and just believe that either game could be good, and maybe you'll get to enjoy more than one AAA cyberpunk game per decade.

| I think the peak cyberpunk feels for me that are not generic were some of the starwars books, especially the ones about darth maul. The entirety of the universum isn't necessarily super cyberpunk, yet those games had that cyb / industrial feel to them, while also keeping in touch with the generic feel to them. I would like to see that explored in triple A gaming, seeing how EA is returning to singleplayer games, but we'll see how that works out for them soon enough.

| Actually, you're right. I feel WD Legion is less generic, because it has it's own vision of cyberpunk. 2077 shows nothing more than you could read in Gibson's books, which were written about 40 fucking years ago. BTW at least now I don't see anything unusual about 2077's RPG mechanics or something ground-braking at all.

| And I hardly doubt that 2077 will feature cyber-dolphins.

| the point of 2077 is to mimic gibson though because it's a continuation of cyberpunk 2020 and that mimicked gibson.

| >>570204
Yes, but that's not original, so people complain about it because normal cyberpunk is for normies, not for elitist like them.

| Two freaking AAA cyberpunk games, even if it feels a little generic we should rejoice!

| >>570221
1st question: how many people here has read a novel by william gibson?
2nd question: does the average AAA game player even know about william gibson?

| I have; probably not. I'd assume that for many people this will be their introduction to the cyberpunk genre if they're interested in it at all.


| I think most of us on this board have heard of him *now,* but for many of the original /cyb/izens, this board and the roleplay therein was their first taste of cyberpunk.

I have since introduced them all to Neuromancer and Shadowrun, et al. ^^

| They got Keanu tho

| I didn't expect legion to look so cyberpunkish, I'm really excited for it and 2077

| I didnt like what I saw from Legion much, so far. Wah wah people are being put in cages and we must fight da ebil gobment for muh freedoms. In C77, the running theme is that everyone is fighting for himself, and everyone you join will be trying to backstab, so might as well backstab them anyway. The whole world is fighting each other because every corporation, every gang, is biting at the other's neck. Meanwhile, Legion has you fighting a comically evil government...
Hard pass.

| >>571603 to me the selling point of legion is to go around murdering everyone as a hacker spy granny in London
While the selling point of Cyberpunk 2077 is being a Cyberpunk gangster
One is funny and the other is cool

| Clobberpink 2469 and Wet Cocks Leggings-on are ghey

| Nothing wrong with Cyberpunk 2077 just taking the common cyberpunk cliches and jacking the up to eleven.

Sometimes we want thoughtful stories that takes the ramification if technological development seriously... and sometimes we just want to drown in that good old Cyberpunk Aesthetic.

| WD:L has the boring variant of Cyberpunk that we experience today, pushed slightly into the future, while 2077 has the fun fantastical version we'd rather live in.

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