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| Browsing danger/u/ on a bus in rain storm with the lights of the city shining is a nice way to go to work. Just sad I will be wage slaving all day

> the duality of man

| Go back to work nigga, if you don't like your fucking job apply for another, you only "wage slave" if you want, bitch

| >>567389 relax

| We're all doing something with our bodies anyway while we're alive. If it's not someone else's work, it's our own. We're all the bitches of reality.

I think the more efficient our tools are, the less we'll have to overuse the shared toilet paper of society to wipe our collective asses. Society can't solve problems better than science can. But since we're not ensured food water and shelter there's no reason to jump ship; I work towards that instead.

> tl;dr lol ur a bitch >>567389

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This thread is permanently archived