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Cyberpunk artists and artwork

| As the internet becomes more integrated into our lives and the reach of corporations stretches further into government by the day, I'd say that were living in a pretty cyberpunk world. The only thing separating life from fiction, is the a e s t h e t I c , which, suprise suprise, is what this thread is all about.

Please share your favourite artists and/or individual works, and feel free to stretch the definition a little if you want.

| The person I'd like to bring to the table is Hiroto Ikeuchi, a guy who creates some really cool, functional and wearable sculptures(?) out of old computer parts.

| Trent Kaniuga's remake of GitS is kino.

| Yoshitoshi ABe, who made the artwork for Lain, Texhnolyze or Haibane Renmei

| Cosmos, as he calls himself in Deviantart, is a Cyberpunk/futurist artist which focuses on urban landscapes.

| >>2aa07e you are a saint. Thanks for pointing him out, beat me to the draw!

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This thread is permanently archived