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Name real compagnies/corpo that are cyberpunk af

| Me first : Fucking Disney. They were cool until they decided to fucking buy every mainstream cultural pillar in the World and go to town everytime someone dares to critisize them. I Can imagine a cyb version of them where they launch fucking hitman at you for dissing them. Everything to maintain the " Disney Magic"

| IBM, employees are treated as trash, they have that Watson AI, helipads on their buildings, brainwashing propaganda in an attempt to keep employees believing they like their jobs all the time(2 emails a day, a talk every week, posters on corridors, cubicles everywhere and other things I'm not allowed to talk about

| Pretty sure we can agree that out internet overlord the all seeing Google is pre cyberpunk.

| How could you leave Amazon out!

| Nestle is a basically the example of a babyface megacorp.
It fucking controls almost all of the western world's food-related companies and systematically tries to kill and absorb local competitors, and has the power to basically control third world countries

| There was that oil company in Saudi Arabia called Aramco I think which basically separates it's employees from the rest of the country. People enjoy more rights there unlike back in the actual country, but even though it's a positive thing as far as we can see, the fact that a corporation manages to separate itself and create it's own rules in a nation's soil sounds top tier cyberpunk.

| Facebook: It is IMPERATIVE you stay connected. Don't you dare have fun without us.

| The quite literally titled "News Corp."

| >>563278

What's funny is there are a couple of entertainment corporations in the /cyb/ universe which pretty much fit the bill- JoyCo, which was a megacorporation until it was torn apart and sold following a pedophilia scandal, and QUIDTRID, which is basically a Fox Corporation expy.

Incidentslly, IRL Disney actually owns 21st Century Fox and all their stuff. Comcast meanwhile owns MSN NBC.

And Ajit Pai just gave the go ahead on a merger between T Mobile and Sprint, meaning there will now only be three major phone/internet carriers.

| Tesla. And SpaceX. Both are owned by the Elon Musk, and from what I've heard, their work environment doesn't give two shits about workers personal lives (I don't know about other companies or anything, though). Also he may as well be creating the future already too.

| >>563697 Elon fanboy here. Much of it was just shit thrown by greedy motherfuckers trying to get free compensation. That's not to say that people aren't working their asses off there though, considering how strapped for cash the companies are. There haven't been much accidents, but the place treats it's employees like if it was in the military. At least their CEO isn't puffing his cigar on the top of his personal tower.

| I think high-end VR companies could be classed onto that like for example boneworks, except they're more light cyberpunk because they don't treat their people like dogs on leashes :^)

| Facebook outsources content moderator jobs to developing countries where employees are forced to watch beheadings and other traumatic videos all day to make sure they're banning unsafe content correctly.

| >>563286 holy sh*t man

| >>563286 i went and tried to find article about what you are saying, but all i find are IBM-made article. Wich isn't a really good thing imo xD

| >>563286
>other things I'm not allowed to talk about
you know what to do

| >>563286 g/u/rl look what site you're on of course you can tell us

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