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Body mods and biohacking

| Do you do it?

| Not yet. But one day I may do it. I'd love to extended my brain with additional memory/storage. Or with direct acces to the internet. No typing or reading on an external device anymore would be great.

| I made myself a bionic arm that can fap hella fast. But it got rusty as I always got my cum sprinkled on it.

| >>562547 hahah this man is in the future

>>562472 I don't know. Its the rich at advantage again. But I would like to be able to turn on and off my endorphins at will I dunno why

| I don't, but I want to. I don't know why but I really want one of those magnet implants. I know it's useless but it's really cool.

I'd also love to be able to do stuff like type and play videogames and stuff without physical contact as my arms are thoroughly fucked.

| And I'll be the one having fun destroying people's brain with malwares

| >>562632
That doesn't sound that fun...

| >>562547
You mean like this:

| >>562632
Only those who allow to run your malware in their brain.

| >>562668 Exactly like this but more feminine so that it can feel like a handjob from a girl.

| >>562632 make them do the chicken dance while reciting the lines from an 80s videogame commercial

| Nah man. I'm way too scared to do that stuff. I know everyone does it, and being the mad 17 year old that I am, I should do it, but I dunno. It's not my thing.

| Only offline custom mods programmed by myself, I'd rather have a faulty body due to my own mistakes than have a government backdoor installed along with the mods

| I want a magnet and I'd like an RFID chip too, but I'm too much of a pussy since they can't give you anesthetics at all and I don't think the Tylenol's gonna help that much

| >>562731 this. I would love to unlock my car and my house with my finger but there's no way in hell a surgeon, medical staff, and anesthesiologist are going to agree to it.

| >>562606 I once played Tetris till the joint at my elbow s hurt (imma a real gamur)

| >>562731 >>562825
My father recently got one of those, and if you get the right one you can just insert it via a syringe. Sure, it hurts a bit, but some normal ass painkillers should be more than enough.

| >>562944 what type?

>fired caked slurp

| >>562959
RFID if I'm not mistaken. If you're asking for the model/version I have no idea. I just know that he was recommended it by a friend who knows a lot about biohacking. I'll ask him later.

| >>562959
Well, I seem to have been mistaken about the type of implant he got, but I did a bit of research on RFID at it seems like almost all RFID implants are done with syringe only.

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