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Will there be robotic pussy in the future?

| I know there exists onahole and fleshlight but it's lacking something - responses. Or is there any hope for maybe an A.I. sex robot?

| It'll happen soon enough, as how the technology seem have a steady growth, you need to just wait.

| Iirc there's this device which shapes it's insides to someone else's vagina when they stick in a special dildo inside them. There's a whole article about whether or not it's cheating since you aren't actually having sex with it.

Also, I'd much rather use a doll than have this generation's A.I trying to pleasure me.

| Technology reached a point where you can make a killer robot of destruction relatively cheap and we waste A.I. on sex toys....

| >>560895 Trolling, or worryingly stupid?

| Yeah dude.

| Sadlyfe dude

| >>560895 it's not a waste at all. We as a species desires sexual pleasure. Even the mightiest warlords have a myriad of concubines for them to play with. Therefore, craving for sex toys is not an anomaly for us humans as a species.
Especially if you're unlucky in leading a romance... Life's tough you know...


| >>561147 that's why it's a waste, we could just get rid of sexual desire!
Much easier than finding someone...
> goes cry in the corner

| Just use your hands. You can adjust the strength of the grip to imitate the responses. Problem solved.>>560804

| Just replying to myself. Nothing weird here.

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This thread is permanently archived