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| Good'eve, Danger/lain/. As usual, this board is dead. Never fear, I am here. I've started a couple of philosophical discussions before around here, as that seems the only thing broad enough to get most people talking about cyberpunk. But today, I want to bring up something that, if ever reaches the mainstream, would change the world.

| What I'm referring is as in the title, Neuralink, Mr. Elongated Muskrat's least known company. There, people work to one day develop a way to integrate machine interface directly with the human mind, creating a synaptic synchronicity between neurons and electrons.

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| The reason why Elon decided to start this company is to prepare humanity for the eventual A.I domination. What kind of domination, we cannot tell. But by merging our conciousness with the electronics around us, he hopes that our collective intellect will be able to keep up with the ever mutating artificial intelligence.

~tails ala noir

| With it, we can much more easily guide simple A.Is into doing their tasks and prevent them from deviating from protocol. Should there ever be sentient A.I in the future, an unfettered link would do well to deepen the bonds between the caretaker and the potential life.

~roeg snead china

| Personally, I feel that this project has the potential to be even more important than the Mars colonization project. By directly connecting ourselves to the net, the speed and efficiency at which we can operate systems would drastically improve.

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| And that is not the only thing Neuralink might bring to us. Augmented reality technology would no doubt receive a massive boost in development thanks to this. We would no longer require terminals. And maybe one day we'd be able to communicate in pure information instead of through the use of languages, eliminating any worries of miscommunication.

~signs cog aspen

| But of course, this is a cyberpunk board. We're not here to dream of a utopia, we're here to anticipate a dystopia. All inventions have so far inconvenienced humanity in one way or another anyways. Plastic contributes to pollution, the internet further isolates and depresses people, overuse of pesticides creates superbugs, among other things.

~gold zinc julie

| We don't know what the product Neuralink is developing looks like. For now, I speculate it will come with some sort of electrode latched directly unto parts of our biological brain, or maybe there'll be a mostly external device which operates according to our brainwaves, which, by the way, is already in development along with VR.

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| In the far future, it may even come in the form of nanobots. But because of such close unison between man and machine, it is entirely possible for a malicious hacker to harm whomever they like, for a rogue A.I to overload an entire mass of people, or an authoritarian state to discreetly surveil the populace and remove dissenters.

~heine jubal pocks

| I also fear that it will become something we truly cannot part with. Elon said mobiles are already an extension of us, and that is true, but it undermines of what is to come, because depending on what Neuralink will evolve into, it will be much more internal. If there is somehow a disconnect, it may result in symptoms similar to phantom limbs.

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| This is among the many other minor possible difficulties. Neuralink has the probability of further amplifying the woes of modern society, where individuals would further sink into reclusion and escapism, slowly becoming a very serious form of addiction. People may even take it upon themselves to further modify and transhumanize themselves.

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| We cannot tell what the future may hold. Heck, Neuralink may not even take off and this autistic article would be of no value at all. But I hope I manage to at least entertain your day. Further opinions on this subject or dialogue on other pieces of tech is very welcome.

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| I think we would be lucky to get even a fraction of the benefits of datajacks/ASSIST as portrayed in Shadowrun & Neuromancer from this technology, but unfortunately, we're most likely going to get most if not all of the ills/downsides associated with the technology as its depicted.

| Damn, are we going to be merging with machines now? Or will we become one? Either way, this is exactly what the sci-fi prophets are scared of. Maybe singularity is becoming true after all.

| I want to be a machine, stronger, faster, easier maintenance, no sleep, no substance abuse to feel good

| Wow

| >>560448 Much wow

>>560427 So you're interested in transhumanism then? Being a cyborg is going to come with various problems with it. Emotions might be difficult to authentically simulate, for instance.

>>560426 As I've said, we can't say for sure, but that is the path most optimal for our future.

>>560404 Unfortunately, I am no movie buff, but I do intend to buy th novels. Still, could you tell me how these datajacks/ASSIST work?

~lain sired crass

| I for one would never get anything directly into my brain. I'd probably look for ways to get it throug other parts of neural system and be able to turn it of preferably with a physical switch.

| So many possible applications, feels like it could turn our world upside down. As with nanomachines. Sentient AI. Meat/organ growth. Genetic engineering. There's even interesting research on slowing down the ageing process...

I wonder if we'll be able to assimilate all of this new tech peacefully

| >>560726 It does sound scary, doesn't it? As I've said, there are definitely going to be external devices one can wear and take off as they please, but the closest we got to that was the Google Glass and no one seems to like that. We already have people who have to connect their prosthetics with electrodes, so maybe one day people in the future will feel much more comfortable with having tiny needles stabbed into their brains.

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| >>561006 From what we've seen so far, technology will never truly achieve a singularity where all can benefit from it. Best case scenario, the developed countries successfully implement it while developing countries rely on counterfeit or third-rate products in an attempt to keep up with at least a bit of the convenience others enjoy. Worst case realistically, the tech hidden or kept amongst the powerful few.

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| Worst case potentially, the technology itself would become the problem as loose regulations causes it to go out of control and affect many people. So far, we haven't seen any such things yet, but this has so far been a great fear of many intellectuals.

~vowel divot dorks

| >>561098 nah, sure the technology will be advanced. However, no matter how advanced technology will be, no program can beat the power of Alt+F4

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