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cyberpunk or retrowave?

| retrofuturism or more modern-like near-future look on things?

which is more aesthetic and why

| I like retrofuturism, it's more neon colors and less minimalism

| Cyberpunk.

Why else would I be here?

| All depends on the mood.

Retro futurism to be haunted by regrets for a past that never happened or could've happened

Cyberpunk to be filled with dread for a future that looks more and more likely

| I feel like in the end I always appreciate the aesthetic of modern sci-fi spaceships, or evil corporate design. My favorite detail is having doors and cabinets recede perfectly into walls so they're flush with the rest. Cyberpunk is nice but it's often too dirty, whereas retrofuturism is overly baroque and colorful.

| Cyberpunk o'course! Holy shit captcha back

| Cyberpunk, for sure. That said, cyberpunk *is* a kind of retrofuturism in its own way now.

| Space Opera is actually my favorite, with Cyberpunk a close second.

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This thread is permanently archived