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Questions about /cyb/ currency

| I know this thread has died and all but I need some answer on what currency is and how it works

| Basically yiu get this thing called money by doing tasks npcs give you. With enough, you can buy things like gacha girls. You can buy other things, but gacha girls are really the only thing that matters in this world.

| 1 nuyen is roughly 1 USD (2019)

10 zenny is 1 nuyen.

Assorted other currencies are sometimes used and their rates/value is arbitrary.

| it's kinda fun too read but i'm too lazy to get involve

| >>558411
>oop wrong thread

| Are the zenny straight from MegaMan battle network?

| >>558815

They're not necessarily from Megaman: Battle Network, but they're definitely inspired by the Megaman series.

They're also in Dragon Ball.

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This thread is permanently archived