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I am God

| Recently I came to the conclusion that the majority of sheep-minded people are out to get me. Not of their own volition, but because of the usual bullshit herd subconcious that is characteristic of them. I don't like that. I don't remember DOING anything worth being antagonized over. Sure, I'm an idiot, and not the best person, but fucking why? I've weathered through though, but I don't know whether I'll be able to handle this for long.

| I have a feeling that social media is amplifying this phenomenon. I wonder if there's anything we can do about it, because if things keep going on the way it does like this, it'll go exactly the way a certain notorious man expected it to go. I am but one person, but do all of us amount to nothing? We are Gods. I am God.

| You are not God, please don't do this, it's wrong to pretend that you are God
But yeah, people lately seem to have some. Extreme aversion to religion, I blame Marxism for that

| >>548030
Merely a word which has been adopted to represent them. They do not believe in such things as Marxism or religion, only in the pitiful little comforts of their pathetic lives. There is no convincing them to think, because thinking is bad, and it reveals them questions they do not wish to answer, because to answer them then they would lose their grasp on their little comforts of life.

| >>548030
I think "marxism" was pretty right about religion at it's time and it still is in many cases.
Nevertheless there were and are religious movements that are pretty compatible with "marxist" movements goals. Namely: Liberation theology.

But bringing in marxism of you is pretty random to me. To proclaim yourself as god is not atheistic or marxistic at all.
People lately seem to have some extreme aversion to marxism. I blame capitalist/fascist propaganda for that.

| @OP
I am god too. Everyone is god, but not everyone knows it.

| Hi God, could you please fix climate change and make the environment healthy again, and maybe punish Man for their hubris while you're at it?

Thanks, love ya, bye. ❤

| >>548053 see>>548046

>>548044 Yet at the same time, you are no different from her, are you not? Her fear of her idea of 'Marxism' is no different from your fear of your idea of 'Fascism'. You have proven nothing by bringing up your fears. You are no different from them. You can be a God, you just need to realize it.

| I need not prove I am god, rather, I am who am.


| Who ever god is, I have to work tomorrow at 8 and go home at 5

| this thread is gay because gods mum is gay lole

| >>548054
Neither me nor her stated we share any of the aversions we mentioned.

Also I don't like your approach to put the ideas of Marxism and Fascism on the same level.
Marxism is about liberating people while fascism is about opressing them. Most bad things that happened in the name of marx were contradictory to his intentions. Most bad things that happened in fascism were intentional. We can discuss why Marxism failed (so far?), but fascism never failed.

| What does it mean to be God? In my mind, to be a God, you need some form of control over the world, but no one person has that (yet). In fact, we, those who don't follow the mob, have less power over the world than the mob (collectively) does. I am no God, only at best an isolate monk. Lain was originally the collective unconscious of humanity, so should she not be aligned with the majority?
Go away, /new/

| The way I see it, we're all just humans spinning on a large space rock, and we want to encourage certain chain reactions on our rock to fulfill our senses of need. I see nothing godlike in that, but I have no true understanding of what a god is. In this scenario, perhaps we are all gods, but to me I don't know if it matters much.

All that matters to me, deep in my heart, is to allow people to make more choices overall than they're able to right now. It's the only way to survive.

| Also, we have knowledge, which is a pattern corresponding to effects in the world. These effects can reach godlike power, but at the end of the day..? To me a god is not measured by how well they work inside the system, but whether they can break it.

| >>548324 Welcome to the thread. I appreciate you.
The nature of Godhood starts with faith. I was to say faith in yourself, but I cannot say so with confidence. Nevertheless, the ability to be aware and to be able to enact change accordingly does not have to be on a grand scale. The Godless do not have such things, as their eyes are open but never seeing any beyond their sight. Rest assured, that even if you are insignificant, you are more powerful than they ever will be.

| And what is to say that you are truly insignificant? We live our lives just to survive on a daily basis, but should you believe that that is the only purpose to come of your existence, then you are mistaken. There need not be a collective. Gods needs no such things. Such a thing must never be forced upon in any shape or form, for doing so is the way of the Godless. Every step you walk on the decomposed flesh pile that is Earth is another branch of destiny come to be.

| Regarding the representation of Godhood that is Lain, I have mixed feelings about. Lain is by no means Godless initially, yet has no inclination towards the other path either. A normal girl. What happened was she was put in a situation where she has been bared to the nature of humanity with no chance for contemplation.

| But that aside, I want to say again, that I appreciate you. The truth is, I was pissed at the world for being so big that I have become insignificant too. Here, my admiration is not towards Lain, but more towards Haruhi. Yes, yes, laugh. Haruhi wasn't even the God, Kyon was. But their world as they knew it would never come to be if Haruhi had never existed. One day, I wish to completely rid myself of this human mind. Only then will I truly be God.

| OP I feel like you're going through a psychotic episode, go to a doctor. I do agree with the idea that social media is making sheep mentality become more amplified, the masses have the mentality of doing things just to fit in, instead of being worthwhile and thinking for themselves instead of flaming others for having a different opinion. I'm sure you're antagonized for your overly zealous attitude but I see where you're coming from. Just chill out

Those are just herds.

| >>548521 I'm trying to play the part of an upcoming cult leader here. Shush. But while yes, I do get my autistic moments, I'm far from overzealous, especially when compared to ordinary folks. I just want some philosophical discussion on /lain/ is all.

| We all are

| >>548540
This. But some just don't know yet.

| >>548324
I could agree on most of your post. I just don't like this elitist tone talking about people as a mob. This "mob" can do and did great things if it wants to. But often some whacky elites think they have to lead the mob, but in fact they just want to live at its costs.

| >>548527 You're not OP

| >>548564 It may seem like it from the ID and the way I composed my wording, but I am. I travel a lot, so my ID changes accordingly. And when I started the thread, I was annoyed with recent events that happened to me.

>>548559 Essentially what I've been trying to say, yes.

>>548561 Understandable concern. Elitism is a blight. But mob mentality is almost as bad. Such is how it is though. Even if you are connected as one with all, sometimes you can't help but lament your weakness.

| Now this is /lain/worthy content.

| Color mod has graced us with their presence. Amen.

~hunts going pasta

| >>548142 >>548505 lmao, same id. op busted for bumping her own thread.

| >>f2d0db here:
>>548506 I don't believe I am insignificant. However, I am but a single person. In my mind, to be a God, you must have power; to have power, you must be able to change the world; and, since the world exists only through perception, to have power, you must be able to change others' minds. The only way to gain power is to have people who believe you, and while I am blessed with the ability to lie well, I don't have any sort of following. Those closest to Godhood (1/?)

| >>f2d0db:
in today's world are those who control social media platforms, but even they don't generate the content or followings, merely maintain it. In the end, while I have individual power, that power is latent without collective powere
Perhaps I was wrong to say that the mob has the power. Rather, they are the power, and what they collectively think is the thought of whoever has the power.
Also, Haruhi is a good God to follow.
I should just use a pastebin, 500 char is too short.

| pt 3
>>c29ea9 To break a system is just to change to a new system, and to work within a system is to cause change. So, I think that breaking a system and having power over an existing system are the same.
>>548561 I accept that I am being elitist, but that isn't my intent behind the word mob. To me, 'the mob' is not lesser than an individual, nor is it only those one would normally be elitist towards. I am as much the mob as the next g/u/rl. However, it is definitely influencable.

| >>548619 You know, I don't quite agree with that. I'll tell you why.

Minds are only for people, and people compose part of what you percieve. What you percieve follows patterns your brain attempts to tinker with. To tinker with them, you use your body. This means to me that a God does not change simply the perceptions inside others, but the patterns made out of perception. And therefore the innate qualities of the world that create them.

That's more than a mind, or so I can hope.

| >>548624 (c29, changed id)
I don't know about that... if you cannot step outside of a system, or destroy it... you do not control it at all. It controls you. You can manipulate the Matrix and still be inside it, if that analogy makes this easier. You can control a system and still be its slave, because without it you are nothing.

| Seeing as the only thing we know about death is that we lose control of our bodies as they become inert, not even death can give us a certain release from this system we are thrust into. Freedom, true freedom, can only be pursued by breaking out, not playing inside the sand box. As far as I know, nobody has glimpsed beyond this box, or at least, not observably with my feeble mind. And these 'gods' are apparently just big toddlers in our toybox we look up at in awe.

| We live in a society

Bottom text

| I am God. The Bible says God is inside everyone. I'm going to take the meaning and change it to 'Past Hero', along with Jesus as 'Current hero'. So I'm also basically Jesus BTW and the holy spirit is 'Future Hero' so yeah


| Okay God i wanna ask
Why the world is messed up ?
Tell me then i probably worship you

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