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Cyberpunk games

| Drop em

| RUINER was nice but got boring at the end

| I've been playing deus ex

| i've just finished >observer and it was okay. some memory sequences can be pretty tedious and the ending feels a bit disapointing. the cyberpunk aesthetic is really nice, but it could have been more cohesive. nice game overall.

| >>543598
sorry about the quotes thing

| >>543599
i think that meme arrows is a more accurate term

| dex is cheap and has a nice ambience. I like the shadowrun series too

| I wish there was more shadowrun. Any worthwhile story mods?

| Red strings club, technobabylon, and we're all waiting for 2077
>>543632 dex seemed cool but I really hate the gameplay, fighting is way too clunky so I dropped it after a couple hours.

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This thread is permanently archived