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Looking for cyberpunk/lainlike apps

| How to lainilize my phone/computer/life in general

| /u/app

| Oh my god yes! I think i have bad news for you but also good news

| The bad news is that aside /u/app i know almost nothing about cyberpunk android apps(and if you use iphone, i feel sorry for you but am actually internally laughing, and hoping you dont use iphone) so, you got me now engaged in lainlize an android phone, i'm gonna develop a lainlizing/cyberpunk customization method for android, then post a video explaining it and share the link here
And just as the OP i'm also open to suggestions, lets unite and develop a G/u/rlUI for our sisters♡.

| But i instantly recommend /u/app if you are not using it already

| A question: if i'd open a thread to announce a GUI customization for android /u/sers, would be better to post it on random, tech, or cyberpunk life?

| >>541784
I'd say tech

| Nice g/u/rl ! I'd love to see it happen

| ap37 launcher. If you have a custom Android N/O/P rom I suggest pitch-black Substratum themes and some custom fonts.

| Here's the link to ap37: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aurhe.ap37

It uses JavaScript so you can edit some features, add other ones, change colours, etc.

| >>dc0a89 go random, because if it's on /tech/ maybe some people will miss is

| >>4e1136 I'm no coder so is the app easy to use for someone like me? Or does it require coding knowledge?

| Pleasseeeee

| Anyone?

| >>543237 Tried it just a moment ago. I don't know anything about JavaScript or coding, but I think it's pretty easy to understand.

| >>a8e69f yea, for the touch detection is a bit off tho. I have to touch a little below where the icon actually is

| Good news !
I tried a bunch of apps and i kinda finished a kind of Laindroid, i'm seriously thinking in making a Lain custom rom, i went into 2 designs, one of them is based on the lain anime aesthetic, with lain references and stuff like that, like the Lain Theme on Nanocamo, and another one more focused on the Navi's GUI
My plans for the Custom rom if i even try it is to make it have all of the SFX from Lain's Navi, but yea, if you guys wanted i could try to record a video 4U ♡.

| g/u/rl delivered, reaching new levels of wholesomeness

| Yeah, go get em!

| >>544235 ooooooOOOOO000000

| >>544235 please do make a video! I'd love to see it.

| How do I put ap37 as default launcher?

| >>544235
i wan seev ideo

| Where is the vidm

| >>543237
Get coding knowledge. It'll make your life easier on the long term.

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