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Is Ricardo Milos a biorobot?

| ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

| Who is Ricardo Milos? What does he eat? What are his reproduction rituals? And how is he not extinct? All this and more on your local TV network show about nature!

Joke aside, who is Ricardo Milos? Really

| He's a Brazilian Escort (basically a prostitute) who was filmed in an erotic dance video.

He was born in 1977, and here's a wiki: https://en.everybodywiki.com/Ricardo_Milos

| >>537178 wow, I'm a Brazilian and never heard of this guy, guess I'm really too sheltered!

| Howly fucking shit esses brazuca tão em todo canto toma no cu XD

| Why is john titor a japanese cute girl btw?

| Guess who's back? Hehehe been watching lain lately, and wrote a new thread about it here in /lain/ :v
Hey btw, escorts/prostitutes don't get that famous in brazil, why would them?
There are some rare excuses tho.

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This thread is permanently archived