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Book that dilates time?

| I'm looking for a book that when read makes the person reading it experience time differently. I have major sleep issues.

Basically, it has to be a rereadable book (good story maybe?) that makes a whole day (or a few hours) seem to pass by in mere minutes.

I know Sony has this thing now at some movie theatres that makes it so you can't remember the movie that you just watched... Maybe it's a similar idea?

Idk what do you gurls think?

| In my experience, books aren't the best tool for making time seem faster, they usually do the opposite. However, the only thing I know that will get you the level of time-dilating effect that you want is sleeping, and I doubt you'll find much else.

| Hyperion saga might be that kind of book

| Well, book series but yeah, Simmons knows his stuff.

| House of Leaves.

| >>536233 is that the one where the house gets bigger?

| Jojo's bizarre adventure

| >>536264 The house isn't the only thing getting bigger. ;)

| The Monogatari series is amazing, but it's not cyberpunk and I don't think it magically speeds up time.

| Not cyberpunk but the way 9f kings is a huge and very good book

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This thread is permanently archived