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Alita Battle Angel

| Watched it yesrterday, what are your opinions? I loved it, honestly. It's one of the very first time I ever saw Hollywood do Anime/Manga right

| What I want to discuss of course, is the aesthetic of the movie. If anyone has knowledge of the manga (links would be appreciated, I'm a lazy college student) so we can discuss that would be awesome

| Big eyes turned me off. After I might consider if more gurls recommend.

| >>a290e0 f'real, you won't even realize they're still big after about 10 minutes unless you're actively trying to notice them

| I feel like I have to read the mangu before I can fully appreciate the movie.

| >Manga best forever!!!
>Film pizdets govno ibanoe(

| There is no way to get to Salem

| Nova isn't so infamous on Mars

| Bad adaptation, read the manga instead

| Solid movie. Definitely worth watching. It's not overly deep or fully fleshed out, but it builds its world, story, and characters well. It has good pacing with great action.

| I have a feeling that the film tried to please everyone and slipped us a bucket with tar and a spoon of honey

| I enjoyed it, was deathly afraid we'd get another GitS Scarlett flavored...but I enjoyed myself and was glad to have seen it.

As a person who never saw the original or the manga, this actually makes me wanna look into it more.

| The best cyberpunk manga adaptation I've seen it nailed the aesthetic and cyberpunk feel. It was a faithful adaptation. The manga is called GUNNM and can be found here if you want to give it a read https://manganelo.com/manga/battle_angel_alita the movie leaves off on a cliffhanger and some of the plot elements that were slightly changed makes me wonder where they are going to go with the sequel if they get one. They don't seem to be setting up for a battle of the wasteland.

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This thread is permanently archived