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Is the "Tron" universe cyberpunk? Let's discuss.



| I'd say so.

| Neon =/= cyberpunk. The aesthetic may seem so, but the whole theme is feels more adventurous.

~diets prof paled

| Is frisbee the most cyberpunk weapon?

| Lower caste inhabitans using widely available technology to fight an autharian ruling class in a futuristic-looking sci-fi setting populated with AI?

It touches so many Cyberpunk staples it can't be nothing but.

| Tron universe isn't set in the future, this neon aesthetics and universe might be indeed futuristic for us, but it's just a graphical interpretation of computers and programs.
So nope.

| >>535005 Memory a bit rusty, but wasn't there a machine that transforms humans into data and put them into the game? That should count as an "20 minutes into the future" future, at least for someone in 1982.

| >>535013

That's... kinda how the story starts, yeah. In both films, the digitizing laser thinger transports the MC's into the Tron universe where they then meet the titular characters.

| No. It's just a weird 80s setting where you can somehow enter a videogame, not cyberpunk at all imo.

| Ready Player One but without a story.

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This thread is permanently archived