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Take earth from the solar system?

| Every night I think about it
If the end of the world comes and we build spaceships to leave the earth
But if we transform the earth into a spaceship......Give It tens of thousands of thrusters
The ark of mankind?
The Hell of mankind?

| >take the earth away from the sun
>Ends up transforming it in a super popsicle

Rogue planets much?

| Probably Hell.

Moving things out of it's orbit is a good way to crash them into other things. If you move the Earth, the Moon either moves with you or leaves it's orbit.

If it leaves it's orbit, the oceans go crazy because of that gravitational wave pulling thingy the Moon does.

If it stays with us, you have two giants ball flying through space, one with rockets, that consume fuel, and the other doesn't have rockets and circles around us.

It's better leaving Earth behind.

| And yes, as >>26e580 said, you will become a popsicle.

Next problem. Moving Earth is hard.

The fundamental problem with rockets is that fuel has weight. More weight means more power to move. Ditch Earth.

| Next problem. Earth spins on its own axis.

Imagine that you are driving your car on an ice road in a straight line. Suddenly, the car starts to spin. That's Earth.

You either have to put rockets all over the equatorial line and make them activate when needed, which separates your power all around the biggest circle of all, or put them in the poles, which will melt them.

You could also use a tow truck-spaceship, but then you need a rope strong enough, and it would be spin pulled.

| I think you've been watching too much of the Big Lez Show.

| >>5218e2
NO I just went to see The Wandering earth

| >>62a903
The earth does not need to spins and i also had Gravitation
Because the mass of the object itself can create gravity.(That's the earth)

| >>62a903
Absolutely hell
If we build spaceships
Well, then we have to think about the supply side
If earth does have to be abandoned
How long will our spaceships last until we find a new planet to live on?
So I thought it would be a good idea to take the earth run away together,
Although it is hell, it is also the hell of human beings.

| while there's mechanical flaws in the idea there's a more pressing question: why?
moving the planet doesn't exactly have much of a benefit...

| >>26e580
Don't worry, I've got an electric heater we can all gather round

| >>3d0ebf
I assume the sun will wirelessly expand and explode and destroy the solar system.
If so, it is necessary to give up the earth to escape.
But how many generations can a spaceship produce?
When we run out of resources, we don't find a planet to live on.
It basically makes a very good ecosystem and it also collapses.(Biosphere 2)
This tells us that only this huge ecosystem of the earth can maintain the survival of mankind.

| I don't have anything good to add to this thread but first reading the title just made me think: why don't we take Earth and push it somewhere else?

| >>529658 You take the Moon, and you take the Sun.

| >>529707
Then we live on the moon, with the sun to keep us warm. Earth would have to be left behind, but this is definitely our best option.

| >>529346

maybe, but do take into account that the spin of the earth is why we have day and night, and just how many organisms on the planet rely on the day-night cycle to function

which assumes the aftermath of trying to stop earth's rotation doesn't do us in first

but yeah too much of the ecosystem relies on the cycle of day and night for moving earth to carry any ecological advantages over just ditching it

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