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| What do you make of them? They seem to be slowly taking over the world right under America's nose by putting various nations in a debt trap and having the government cede some land for Chinese development.

| So what?
If America is number one in the world
It is not surprising that China is the second largest country in the world.

| The next imperialistic oppressor. If they beat us in the current tech cold war, we are fucked to the moon and back. Omnipotent surveillance fed directly into the bleeding edge tech of the "communist party" hive mind. They are centralizing and colonizing, we need to realize the magnitude of the threat and handicap them before W____ ___ III breaks out.

| >>527696 What's one imperialistic oppressor over another?

| >>527553 Kys, Chinky.

>>527701 America may enjoy fucking people over, but at least they don't do colonization anymore.

| Can't wait for Africa to become Neo China...

| >>527793 wakanda

| >>527707
>But at least the don't do colonization anymore

Oh yeah. Neo-colonialism is all the rage nowadays! Totally different

| >>527989 How does neo-colonialism work?

| >>527993 Why bother lol when there are apparently mongoloid hordes just waiting to do it for me

>>527707 Instead of going in and occupying the place and sending colonists - buy everything, siphon off the wealth slightly more slowly, and maybe install a dictator when the wrong guy is elected. Which ironically is a lot more like what the Chinese ruling class is doing too than the paranoid fantasies above

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This thread is permanently archived