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hey /lain/

| what are some cyberpunk tropes you're sick of seeing, and what's something you wanna see more of in cyberpunk? i'm a writer (barely lol) with a shitton of free time and some decent ideas for a story, but i wanna know what to avoid so it doesn't end up being cyberpunk story no.39358292

bls help

| Evil Corporation controls everything

| I'd like to (somehow) see some more positive stories in cyberpunk! Like rather than everyone being super gloomy and fucked up, maybe there's a shit ton of happy, cheerful people. Perhaps there's someone who moved to [shitty cyberpunk city here] because it was just what they wanted, and it's almost like the perfect life for them.

| >>527411 i def wanna turn that trope on its head, but in a sort of subtle way? maybe a benevolent ceo whose morals clash with the board of directors, a well-meaning corp trying to be ethical and profitable or just a neutrally-presented corp?

>>527428 that sounds like a fun character! i want the main guys to have some sort of optimism if that makes any sense. if they don't have that, they've simply learned to make do with the (shitty) hand they're dealt; something like va11halla?

| >what are some cyberpunk tropes you're sick of seeing
That there is no hope to break through the dominance of evil-corp or estate and solidarity and politics are no options to solve problems
That society/humanity is somehow not evolving, while tech-development is proceeding.
The idealization/uncritical portrayal of individualism
>and what's something you wanna see more of in cyberpunk?
- space traveling
- aliens
- biotechnology
- revolutionary movements
- hive consciousness

| Maybe you are right.Destroying evil companies may be a little old
I think space traveling+aliens+biotechnology is a good idea.(like [HALO] The covenant fight with Human like that)

| >>527473
On the other hand this way you may end up writing a space opera instead cyberpunk ;-)

Interesting question: Is the "Alien"-universe Cyberpunk?

| >>2876bf
But if you want to write about the everyday life of aliens.This is also mapping ourselves.

| >>2876bf
Or you can write a novel about cyberpunk's everyday style.
The main character is a flying taxi driver.ヽ(〃∀〃)ノ

| >>13249c doesn't feel like cyberpunk imo

| >>527633 at this early on i'm just messin with concepts seeing what clicks, so as long as i get some core elements in i'm not afraid to stray away from the genre a bit (it'll probably end up being more cyberpunk-inspired than cyberpunk to be totally honest).

once i've hoarded all the ideas i want, i'll try to cut some out and hopefully streamline the whole thing into something more focused genre-wise. it's a weird process, but it's pretty much the only way i get stuff done lol

| for now, i gotta figure out what kinda atmosphere i'm going for. something in between grimdark pessimism and cautious optimism?

biotech, revolutions and hive minds - definitely want those. preferably all at once. i wanna get weird with this, like ubik-weird, so gimme weird concepts!

space sounds real neat but i'll play around with setting some more first. see how far into the ~future~ i'll go

(i do want a flying taxi driver, though.)

| >>a956f6 magic + tech

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