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Cyberpunk tech irl

| There is talk about robotic limbs that can grow while you grow, apparently they're in development right now.

That's just kick ass, I really do hope biomechanics kicks off soon

| Recently read an article regarding a new method of 3D printing involving light and resin! Then any remaining resin can be used for future prints! It's faster, smoother, and more detailed than regular 3D printing! I dunno much about any negatives though, aside from the fact that it's like. brand new and probably really expensive maybe.


| If I'm not mistaken, UV resin is normally pretty expensive. x.x Hopefully I'm wrong though. Still though, very cool. UV resin is pretty tough, and I'm fairly sure some are scratch proof which is radical.

| Something about the resin being toxic also.

~jewry smith bell

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This thread is permanently archived