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Fictional technology

| What would be considered cyberpunk tech nowadays

| [Player one]?

| Same ones as always, strong AI, humanesque androids that gain or blur the line on what is sentience, cyborgs, metaverse-style Internet or very immersive VR. Experiment around with unusual networking structures too. Hoverboards and flying cars and gigantic shadowy buildings decked with neon are always good for a cityscape. Heck even drones are still unexplored enough in their potential to work. And of course the venerable cyberdeck and related tech. Those are where I would start.

| Oh and playing around with secret or hidden spaces, places, files etc, in cyberspace can always work. Treat network space as different sliding dimensions and passage through cyberspace as the work of wizards of technology. You need to recapture the image of cyberspace as a mysterious and ungovernable and unknowable unseen layer sitting atop the physical world where secret struggles, wars and even societies take place beyond the eyes of the unversed.

| When using technology in this setting I ask myself; why has cyberculture died? It has lost its romance and mystery. I try to answer that problem when I do cyberpunk.

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even in 2019 i sometimes might find a strange website purely by accident that looks like a web portal to a secret society. ill poke and prod at it to understand if its hiding secrets, but to no avail. im sure the reality is much more mundane, but i wonder sometimes what goes on behind those closed doors.

| >>524993 "Above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." ~Roald Dahl

| I've had all sorts of ideas for tech that I've been kicking around, would anyone like me to post them?

| I would be interested in hearing about them. Please do tell.

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Tell away

| Laser weapons exist, and while powering them isn't a problem anymore, nobody can figure out lenses that would work under that kind of strain, so the solution is having small, cheap lense cartridges like modern day bullets, good for ten or so shots before the gun ejects them and pulls another from the magazine. You can get more power from the cartridges by making the gun burn through them instantly, or get more use out of them up to 20 shots per cartridge.

| Gauss rifles exist too, but on a personal scale they're very hard to utilize due to the size of anything to get it going to a decent speed. So, companies have designed 'combi-gauss' guns, with traditional pistol cartridges rich in iron and rings of magnets to hurl it much much faster. Bullets are lighter, smaller, and thus a soldier can carry more.
There you go! Hope they make sense.

| What about the government's fancy dancy microwave gun (or Direct Energy Weapon)? Apparently they don't do damage, but cause the victim to writhe in pain.

| Stated above earlier, but advanced AI (no Hal 9000 though), VR and AR junk (hopefully these are more available in the future? part of me thinks there's a possibility of it dying off or a decline in popularity), stuff like self-driving vehicles. I saw things where you could make a finger gesture like swiping up or down, and it'll move something on one's screen or smartwatch.

| ElectricScreen
A government surveillance tool

It looks like a Television and it is a Television.Variable size
And is required to install each house
It can play the program like a Television.

When you're in front of it, it Will scans you up and down like a X-ray
And he can read your thought(When you're watching TV(ElectricScreen))
If you have something in your thought that you shouldn't be thinking about
ElectricScreen will call the police to arrest you
You go to jail

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Of course, it can also become an electronic billboard on the street.
WatchIng passerby

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