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any ideas on how to make a female cyberpunk themed outfit?

| please help!

| Look at the top of this page and maybe refresh a couple of times

| just get black clothes and a load of EL wire

| you can probably go for a fairly normal looking greaser outfit and just throw in some cyb elements here and there. try a visor or something.

| I'll look into this more when I get home OP. The concept of cyberpunk fashion is super interesting to me.

| I saw 1 video where man used programmable fan to make it some kind of display with matrix,some glyphs e.t.c. I think it's really cool

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And, I forgot, you can make it like hat and wear it on yoursefl

| Try out www.neondystopia.com they have section dedicated to Cyberpunk gettup with ideas and links to places that could be of use.

| This article may help you:


| Female bikers jacket, black jeans, facemask

| Cliche cat ear headphones with LEDs

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This thread is permanently archived