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Help me with ideas for a Live Cyberpunk RPG with my friends

| Help me brainstorm ideas for a Cyberpunk RPG that I want my friends to play

| What do you need help with specifically? Classes? Setting? Combat?
While I'm sure you could play with traditional classes, it's probably best to assume every character already also has a gunslinger class.
Bards could be just about any profession that requires interaction: prostitute, bartender, activist, etc.
The bbeg could Skynet, a faceless board of directors, an insane hacker, a malfunctioning secret military android, etc.

| You could play in an underwater city, a space colony, a yakuza run metropolis, matrix-esque virtual space, fucking Wakanda if you feel too much dystopia is boring but still want it around you, etc.
Races may include sapient animals, androids, mutants from either a war or corporate experimentation.
Much of combat probably won't be direct, so take into consideration hacking in place of magic and work around surveillance with stealth.

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This thread is permanently archived